Rape goes against rapper’s morals and pride, trial hears

A RAPPER facing rape allegations said the crime would go against ‘my morals, my pride’.

Aggro Santos, who appeared under his real name, Yuri Santos, at Chichester Crown Court, and his friend Tyrelle Ritchie, both from London, are accused of raping a girl in Chichester in May, 2011.

Santos faces an additional rape charge following an alleged incident in Yeovil, Somerset, in 2010.

Speaking about the Chichester incident, Isobel Ascherson, prosecuting, said the defendants raped the girl following an end-of-term ball at the University of Chichester, where Santos was performing as ‘guest of honour’.

The victim was aged 16 at the time of the alleged rape when she attended the event. However, she told organisers and the people she accompanied she was 19.

She drank alcohol at the event and, along with other friends, returned with Santos and Ritchie to the Ship Hotel, in North Street, where the pair were staying.

Once there, the jury was told, the guests had to hand over their mobile phones to a man who was described in the police video as possibly being Santos’ ‘manager’.

The court heard the victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had consensual sex with Santos.

However, she claims Santos and 22-year-old Ritchie later ‘forced themselves on her’ in a second incident.

Crying as she gave evidence via video link, the victim said she had tried to forget what happened.

“I tried blocking out several bits of it,” she said.

However, in his statement to police, the 24-year-old rapper said: “I would never do something like that, it goes against everything I have been brought
up with.”

Ronald Jaffa, defending Santos, said the victim’s sister had ‘shouted rape’ on behalf of her sibling after realising her sister had sex with two men.

Cross-examining the victim’s sister, he said: “Were you upset because you had left your sister with everyone thinking she was 16, and she had sex with someone you had sex with?

“That was the real reason behind all this.”

Witnesses at The Ship Hotel, where the alleged rape took place, told the court they had heard screaming and shouting as the victim’s sister confronted the defendants.

Defending Ritchie, Richard Furlong asked the sister: “Why was it that you punched Mr Ritchie in the face rather than Mr Santos?”

The trial continues.