Residents react after 'horrendous' dog attack

Lily the dog after the attack
Lily the dog after the attack

Residents have reacted after reading the story of a 'horrendous' dog attack in Sidlesham last week (Sunday May 12).

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A number of readers commented on social media after reading the story, with many saying more needed to be done to protect dogs and their owners from dog attacks.

The comments come after Chichester resident Pia Grace's dog suffered a 'frenzied attack' at the hands of four dogs off their leads.

Judith Crisp said: "If it's not vicious dog attacks, it's countless numbers of dogs going missing or dogs being stolen to use in puppy farms or in illegal dog fights.

"All of these need to be clamped down on. We need to bring back dog licencing. Councils can keep a closer eye on troublesome owners and difficult or dangerous dogs."

Laura Gray said: "There seems to be quite a lot of these attacks going on lately. All dogs no matter what their temperament should be on a lead at all times, for their own protection and owners.

"I recently witnessed an attack on a big German shepherd on the lead and harness by a fella's dog that was off the lead and just ran for the German shepherd, got hold of its neck and wouldn't let go."

Vicky Cockram said: "This story is shocking and the poor dog that was attacked. How horrible for everyone involved."

A spokesman for Sussex Police said enquiries are ongoing.

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