Scam letter circulating Chichester area

A SCAM letter has been circulating in the Chichester area, telling people to set up an account on a fraudulent website.

The letter, which is very familiar with its recipient, says things like ‘hope you and your family are well’ and ‘I just thought this was good as I know you have a computer’.

It claims Chichester is seeing a high number of computer and laptop thefts, so to be safe you should back up your home and work files on to this website, essentially giving them all your information.

The letter warns the special offer for a free account on the site only lasts a few more days so to sign up soon, and then supplies the web address.

Sussex Police have said: “Many of you may have received a letter like this through the post recently. Please ignore this and throw it away immediately. It is a scam. Please let your friends, family and neighbours know.”