Selsey torturer gets harsher prison sentence

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A VIOLENT Selsey homophobe has had his ‘unduly lenient’ jail term increased by appeal judges.

Daniel James Cannon, 23, of Petts Close, was sentenced in August after subjecting a man to a two-and-a-half hour torture ordeal.

In early April, he had been out of prison only 24 hours – where he was imprisoned for cutting a man with a pair of scissors – when he began drinking and taking cocaine.

He went to the 33-year-old victim’s home in the early hours of the morning and demanded £200 cash, before taking a ten-inch knife from the kitchen and subjecting him to a terrifying ordeal.

He threatened the victim with the knife, beat him and forced salt into his wounds.

Cannon admitted false imprisonment, actual bodily harm, administering a noxious substance and perverting the course of justice and was given a six-year jail term at Chichester Crown Court.

But on Tuesday (November 5), after a reference to the court of appeal by lawyers on behalf of the solicitor general, three of the country’s top judges increased the term to nine years on the grounds it was too soft.

Lord Justice Treacy said the ordeal had a terrible effect on the victim.

“He says that what happened to him was torture and he believed he was going to be killed. He was terrified throughout the incident.

“The consequence of the night’s events have caused him mental suffering and he had to take medication because he was suffering from nightmares and sleeplessness.”

He also said the new sentence reflected the aggravating features of the offences.

“In our judgment, this was clearly an extremely serious series of offences, committed under the umbrella of the offence of false imprisonment, but with some considerably aggravating features,” he said.

He added Cannon demonstrated homophobia towards the victim, shouting that he was gay and telling him to admit it.

“Eventually, the victim made those admissions in order to pacify the offender, whose reaction was to make him repeat that confession while he filmed it on his mobile phone.”

The victim was stabbed in the foot, headbutted, punched, slapped, kicked and forced to drink urine.

In an attempt to destroy 
the evidence, Cannon eventually forced the victim to take a scalding hot bath before leaving.

Police and ambulance services were called and the victim taken to hospital for treatment to injuries including a broken nose.

Cannon was arrested at his home shortly afterwards.

The appeal court heard the sentencing judge at Chichester Crown Court had taken too low a starting point before reducing the term by 25 per cent to reward Cannon’s guilty plea.

He will now serve nine years with two years of extended licence conditions after release.