Sussex Police issue winter driving tips

SUSSEX Police is encouraging people to think about ways to keep themselves and others safe on the roads during the winter period.

Sergeant Carl Knapp of the Road Policing Unit said: “Before setting off on any journey, make sure that mirrors, windows and lights are clear from snow, frost or condensation. It is very easy to jump in a car and drive off, but it is important that you have a good view of the road from the start. Give yourself the extra time at the start of the journey.

“Check your vehicle. Tyres should be in good condition with plenty of tread. Top up your screen wash. Winter road spray often contains salt and can quickly reduce your visibility - particularly when the sun is low.”

Police said in icy conditions allow a greater stopping distance between you and the vehicle in front, at least 10 times the normal distance, and keep your speed appropriate to the conditions.

“The best advice for slippery conditions is to keep things smooth and avoid sudden turning, braking or acceleration. If in doubt, leave the car at home. Be aware of variations in temperatures under trees, in shadow and on bridges where the road will remain colder than the rest of the road for longer.”