Terminally ill woman '˜devastated' at loss of late husband's rings after Bognor stay

A terminally ill woman has been left distraught at the loss of several rings belonging to her late husband.

Wednesday, 20th December 2017, 10:26 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:38 am
Pam Fell with her late husband
Pam Fell with her late husband

Pam Fell, 74, arrived home in Chesterfield after visiting Bognor Regis to find her suitcase missing from the coach she had travelled on.

Her daughter, Joanna Bennett, said the loss of the ‘hugely sentimental’ rings inside was causing a lot of unnecessary stress to her mum, who has cancer and is disabled, and the family.

Joanna said: “Mum and I are devastated, but mum especially at this point in her life. The worst thing is losing the rings but mum has also lost all her clothes which fit her.

Pam with her daughter Joanna Bennett, who has released pictures of similar rings to try to track them down

“With having cancer she is rapidly losing weight.

“Also Christmas presents (have been lost) which her friends had helped her get.”

Joanna said the family believes the case could have been stolen from outside the hotel her mum was staying at from December 4 to 8 before it was due to be loaded onto the coach.

Joanna says the coach company has told them it’s unlikely the case would have been taken off at any of the stops during the journey.

A similar ring to one of those missing

She says when she arrived in Chesterfield her wheelchair was in the storage compartment but her suitcase was missing.

Joanna said: “Other than this she really enjoyed the holiday in Bognor and it may well be her final holiday.

“It’s so infuriating that we don’t even know which part of the county we are looking in for the rings, but I feel there’s a good chance it may have been stolen in or around the hotel as it was left unattended there.”

She has released pictures of the suitcase and of similar rings to the ones lost during her trip from December 4 to 8 in the hope that someone recognises them.

A similar ring to one of those missing

The missing rings were a signet ring, a gold wedding band, a Greek ring, an opal and garnet ring with a rectangular stone and only four clasps holding it, a band with tiny ruby stones and an eternity ring with a small stone. All were in a small mirrored box with a diamond ring picture in the glass.

Anyone with information should call Joanna on 07837913453.

The suitcase which is missing and believed to have been stolen
A similar ring to one of those missing