Thefts reported at controversial holiday resort days after fears are raised

Residents forced to leave a heavily criticised holiday resort for two weeks have come home to find their possessions stolen.

Wednesday, 24th January 2018, 3:47 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:40 am
Shayne Miller says it will take up to six months to replace the £9,000-worth of equipment he said was taken

Lakeside Holiday Park has been under fire recently after the Observer revealed flooding, leaking sewage and overflowing rubbish.

But park resident Shayne Miller has now criticised management for poor security after £9,000 worth of his cleaning equipment was stolen during the park’s two-week shutdown.

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Shayne, who runs Supreme Clean, said: “It’s soul-destroying. It will have a huge impact.”

As part of their lease of land at Lakeside, residents agree to be off-site for two weeks every January. It was during this period that Shayne said his cleaning equipment was stolen.

Items stolen include a jet wash system and a generator.

He added: “Wednesday of last week we were there and it was all fine, we were back Saturday morning around 11am.

Concerns were raised over a hole in the boundary fence earlier this month

“It could take five or six months until the equipment is replaced.”

As well as the potential affect on his business, 47-year-old Shayne said it will impact the charities the company supports.

Supreme Clean have raised money for the homeless and The Sussex Snowdrop Trust in the past.

But Shayne was not the only resident who returned to Lakeside to find possessions missing this week.

Others – who wish to remain anonymous – have also reported thefts.

Shayne criticised the security at the park, in particular the boundary fence.

Back on January 5 when the Observer asked Lakeside to comment on pictures of a large hole in the fencing by the public footpath, the concerns were dismissed.

A Lakeside spokesman said at the time: “A small area of fencing awaiting repair does not compromise security as a fully-functioning barrier system is in operation.”

There is nothing yet to indicate how the thieves gained access to the site.

Lakeside was offered the chance to comment further.