Vandals attack dementia centre near Chichester

Vandals have smashed windows at a dementia support centre near Chichester this morning.

Thursday, 15th October 2020, 12:08 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th October 2020, 12:10 pm

A spokesman said staff are 'absolutely gutted' after a group reportedly threw 'hefty' rocks into Dementia Support's Sage House in Tangmere in the early hours of this morning.

Part of the building now cannot be used for delivering vital dementia services until repairs have been completed.

Debris found at the scene include large rocks and stones that had been thrown at the windows of Sage House, smashing two of them. The affected room is in permanent use by the charity’s Wayfinding Service, which helps and supports anyone affected by dementia with advice, information and emotional support.

Picture courtesy of Dementia Support

Sally Tabbner, Dementia Support chief executive, said: “During lockdown, our customers missed vital face-to-face support. Some of the situations they faced whilst shielding were truly frightening for them and they have been desperate for our services to return so that they can get the support that they need.

"We know how much anxiety this has caused to everyone but particularly to those caring for loved ones at home with a dementia. In the past two months we have been able to re-start this service in person, which has provided so much benefit and reassurance to people. Now, however, through these mindless acts we are not able to use this room to provide such vital services for those living with dementia, bringing detrimental affect to their health and well being.”

The security company was alerted, police contacted and the culprits vanished without managing to access the building. The charity is now left with the costs and lost time to repair the damage.

Sussex Police has been approached for comment.

Picture courtesy of Dementia Support
A smashed winow. Picture courtesy of Dementia Support