Warning after youths throw stones at Selsey seal

The seal which spent time on the beach at Selsey. Picture by Ian Threlkeld
The seal which spent time on the beach at Selsey. Picture by Ian Threlkeld

TREVOR the seal had his own personal guard at Selsey this week after being hit by stones.

Police were called to East Beach where the seal had taken residence last Wednesday (June 5), after children were caught throwing stones at the animals.

Since then, concerned charity volunteers and residents have been keeping a close eye on Trevor.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) warned people to keep their distance from the seal as he could become ‘dangerous’.

Operations manager of the charity, Stephen Marsh said: “He is actually moulting. They do become a bit lethargic and they also become unpredictable. We are concerned about people getting up close to him. He is dangerous, he could just decide to bite them.

“We are waiting for his moulting to finish and for people to leave him alone. It’s okay to look at him from a distance.”

Mr Marsh said the more human contact the seal has the less likely he is to ‘do what he needs to do naturally’ and leave the area.

“He could became a problem with the summer holidays coming up,” he said.

He advised residents not to approach or feed the seal. Throwing stones he said, ‘is obviously not on’ and ‘breaking the law’.

“He is passive and lethargic but all of a sudden he could become dangerous,” warned Mr Marsh.

A police spokeswoman said officers were made aware at 3.22pm on Wednesday that Trevor had returned to the beach and children had gathered around the seal throwing stones.

“The BDMLR are concerned that the seal will become irritated by stones being thrown and could potentially bite - they carry some kind of bacteria that can cause an infection,” she said.

Mr Marsh said anyone who is interested in seals, should take a look at the charity’s website for upcoming volunteer days in the area here.