Warning over bogus phone calls in Chichester

POLICE are warning residents in Chichester to be careful after receiving reports of fraudulent phone calls being made in the area.

Scammers have been concocting a story that requires the victim to send them money in order to release money that is owed to them. Money orders are transferred either by Western Union, Money Gram or Ukash, leaving little hope of tracing the recipient.

Police have said the scammers often use bullying tactics and are forceful with their requests for the money transfer, and even make several calls to the victim ensuring they pay money to get £5,000. These calls are usually made from telephone numbers beginning with 002 which again are impossible to trace.

PC Jayne Sharpe said: “Over a six month period in Chichester a man parted with a total of £2,800 after he was approached in exactly this way by a man who told him he was from the Ministry of Finance in Manchester, which doesn’t exist.

“He was told he was due £5,000 and that all he had to do is pay this money which covers all costs via Ukash. He was told his money was ready to be delivered but of course this money has never arrived.”