Criticisms levelled over Graylingwell developer plan

The latest masterplan for the Graylingwell site
The latest masterplan for the Graylingwell site

A HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED plan for the next step of Graylingwell’s redevelopment has come under fire.

Linden Homes’ hybrid proposal to Chichester District Council for Garylingwell Park includes 397 homes, a care home and much more.

Nevertheless, city groups including the Chichester Residents’ Associations Group (CRAG), Chichester City Council, and even Chichester District Council’s own economic development team have queued up to criticise a variety of aspects of the plan.

A petition with 357 signatures has also been submitted, with people objecting to ‘the proposed erection of two four-storey blocks of flats on Chapel Green’.

Anna and Derek Hiscock, of Longley Road, Graylingwell Park, said the objectors included Graylingwell Chapel trustees, NHS workers and residents.

The petition lambasts ‘inappropriate architecture for the historic hub of Graylingwell, inappropriate scale for the listed buildings the apartments would overshadow and destruction of the parkland environment’.

Particular anger has been caused at the four-storey apartments being built on an area next to the Chapel Green, which was initially earmarked for a community hall.

The district council’s economic development team wrote: “We also regard the loss of the community hall to have an impact economically, as so many small businesses rely on these types of facilities to run their business from, such as fitness instructors, children’s clubs, etc.”

The council added it regretted the ‘loss of employment space’ at Graylingwell.

However, writing on behalf of Linden Downland Graylingwell LLP, John Foddy, principal of Foddy Consult, said reports showed there were a number of vacant properties within the immediate area, meaning developers were unlikely to build commercial properties on a speculative basis.

“It is also worth emphasising that Graylingwell will remain a mixed-use development,” he said.

“The scheme will still provide a total of 4,433sqm of commercial space through the creation of a new pub, care home and a small convenience store.”

A separate application for a community hall has also been submitted, which would see a Linden Homes sales office in Surrey transported to Chichester and transformed into a community hall in Chapel Green.

The application is available to view by searching 14/01018/OUT at