Cub safely rescued by Sidlesham wildlife hospital

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THIS adorable little fox cub is getting used to a whole new world.

The cub was abandoned by its mother and taken to Brent Lodge Bird and Wildlife Hospital in Sidlesham, and staff there say it is a sign spring is well and truly here.

Fed every two hours by dedicated staff and volunteers, the cub is very much at home and will soon start eating dog food.

Staff member Robert Brand said: “He’s just doing really well, he’s doubled in size in the past week or so. His eyes have started to open. He’s taking a lot more food because he’s bigger, he’s quite strong and when he’s wriggling it’s quite a job to keep him on the bottle.”

At the end of last week the hospital also took on another cub which was no more than two days old.

Anyone able to donate any tins of dog food to the centre should see or call 01243 641672.