‘Cut speed’ say East Ashling residents

Overturned car in East Ashling last year CONTRIBUTED PICTURE
Overturned car in East Ashling last year CONTRIBUTED PICTURE

SPEED campaigners are battling to keep their village’s road safe.

East Ashling has been the scene of numerous accidents in recent months and years, with the B2178 passing through the centre of the village.

The East Ashling Traffic Action Group (EATAG) has previously called for more stringent control of the speed limit through the village, with many cars breaking the 30mph limit.

“The residents are simply fearful for their lives,” said EATAG member Josephine Laird, adding speeding was a ‘constant concern’.

“It’s really awful the way people go.

“We’ve had overturned cars, we’ve had cars into brick walls.

“People do just drive through at an immense speed. It’s quite frightening.”

She said there had been numerous accidents in the village that were due to speeding and careless driving.

These also included drivers mounting the pavement when entering the village at high speeds and crashing into garden walls.

Now, EATAG has taken matters into its own hands and residents spent three weeks in November manning the police’s speed indicator device (SID), in the hope of encouraging drivers to slow down.

They said even with campaigners standing by the road monitoring, drivers still sped past.

Residents have undergone special training in order to be able to use the device and set it up.

Anyone they catch speeding through the village can be reported to Sussex Police, as part of the force’s Operation Crackdown.

The police launched a dedicated website to stopping antisocial driving at www.operationcrackdown.org where people enter the details of people they have caught speeding or driving antisocially.

Police need a vehicle registration number; make, model and colour of the vehicle; and details of where and when the incident happened.

Campaigners said a number of people broke the limit through the village while they were there and they would be out again soon to continue noting drivers who did not slow down.