Cycling awareness day in Chichester

Police officers will take to the city centre today in a bid to raise awareness of cycling in the city

The ongoing issue has raised concerns among members of the public and the Chichester City Centre Neighbourhood Management Panel, which has prompted police to take to the city’s streets.

In recent weeks more than 20 cyclists had to be stopped by police for cycling on the pavements or through the precinct.

Officers will be in the city centre from 10am today and will be speaking to any cyclists if they are breaching the law in relation to cycling through the city centre.

The law currently prohibits cycling through the precincts of the city centre between the hours of 9.30am-5.30pm Monday-Saturday.

PCSOs will be issuing £30 fixed penalty notices if they find cyclists in these areas.

“We want cyclists to be aware that their actions not only pose a danger to pedestrians but they could receive a fine too,” said Insp Will Rolls. “Cycling in Chichester is prohibited in the pedestrian area between certain times on different days of the week. This prohibition is routinely ignored and police receive many complaints from the public.

“This is the main priority of the City Neighbourhood Management Panel and we are working with others to try to improve signage in the relevant areas and educate people on the law. An enforcement day aims to deal robustly with cycle offences with the intention of reducing them,” added Insp Rolls.

Police action following the concerns raised by the public and Neighbourhood Management Panel have been welcomed.

“ChiCycle encourages safe and responsible cycling in Chichester and the surrounding district. We would wholeheartedly support the police in their attempts to educate cyclists into respecting the rules for the city centre,” said Sarah Sharp, of ChiCycle.

Chichester City Council clerk Rodney Duggua said: “Educating and awareness is important and the city council would applaud this and any ongoing initiative by the police to educate, inform and reinforce.”