D-Day for Selsey Asda plans


AN eleven-month long saga which has divided the Manhood Peninsula community should reach its finale tomorrow morning as councillors will be advised to grant permission to a plan for an Asda superstore and 144 homes in Selsey.

The application for the Park Farm site in Selsey, will go to Chichester District Council’s planning committee meeting at The Council House, in North Street, tomorrow at 9.30am.

Meeting agenda documents show officers will say despite recognising ‘it raises some significant issues’ the development is a ‘potentially significant investment in the future development of Selsey’.

Asda first revealed its plans for a large store at the gateway to Selsey back in May 2014.

Landlink Estate’s application for the site was then made on July 1, seeking to create a supermarket with car parking, a pub/restaurant, hotel, petrol station, new access, landscaping and ancillary works.

The application has received nearly 60 letters of support and around 50 letters of objection.

Those in support have welcomed the creation of facilities which Selsey currently does not have as well as the potential to encourage tourism and improve the economy.

Those objecting have done so because of concerns including the impact the supermarket would have on the high street and the traffic on the congested road network.

Parish councils in the peninsula also objected. On April 8 North Mundham and Donnington were added to the list of opponents.

Neither would normally comment on applications outside their parish or immediate neighbours but they made an exception because of concern over ‘widespread repercussions’ across the peninsula.

North Mundham Parish Council’s objection letter said: “We are particularly concerned about the effect of this proposed development on traffic flows.

“It is apparent that the B2145 is already over-burdened. Though we note that, in its response, Selsey Town Council has asked for a number of proposed improvements to the route, none of them will do anything to reduce the sheer volume of traffic.”

Donnington Parish Council argued that the development would be overcrowded and unsustainable.

It said: “A development where the vast majority of residents cannot find local work and must instead aggravate a notorious traffic hot spot is not sustainable.”

But West Sussex County Council has raised no objection over the impact to the highways. It has requested the developer provides a financial contribution of £363,000 to deliver the transport infrastructure priorities set out in the Selsey Neighbourhood Plan.

Landlink has said it will make improvements to the roundabout at the junction of Manor Road and Chichester Road.

Other Section 106 agreements will include monetary contributions to other amenities and a Pagham Harbour ‘recreational mitigation package’ of £800 per dwelling.

The application has divided local councils and businesses. To read more click here and here