Damaged church wall sparks appeal in Eartham

The damage at Eartham Church
The damage at Eartham Church

EARTHAM residents are on a fundraising mission to rebuild their church wall after it was damaged by severe weather.

The wall of St Margaret’s Church, collapsed during the early hours of December 16, after an unusually heavy rainfall.

“Our hearts sank when we discovered that the outside flint wall of the graveyard had collapsed onto the road, and a valiant little working party removed flints and stones from the road so traffic was not badly disrupted,” said resident Fleur Kelly.

She said the Norman church was ‘well-loved’ and ‘right in the centre of Eartham village’.

“Eartham village residents now have a daunting task: raising the funds to rebuild the fine flint wall which is a focal point of the village,” she said.

“Fundraising will start right away with an announcement at the village Christmas party, and plans are underway for a concert in the church in the spring.

“We love our church and want to do whatever we can to save it.”

After the wall fell and residents had attempted to clear the road, an emergency operation by the Highways Agency cleared the rest of the debris. Then Nutbourne Construction lent a hand, shoring it up and making it safe.

Villagers have set up a special account for donations to repair the ancient church wall. For more information contact Celia Willitt 01243 814411 or Anne Hewat 01243 814261.