Daughter was witness to Sydney siege

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A FATHER has described how helpless and worried he felt after discovering his daughter was working in a cafe just metres from the siege in Sydney.

When Chris Adams, from Halnaker, was scrolling through Twitter on Monday night and saw that a cafe had been held hostage by an Iranian refugee, he text his 19-year-old daughter Jessie, who works in the city.

“I just wanted to check she was OK,” he said. “I didn’t know she was going to say ‘it’s the bar across the road from me’.

“She said ‘yeah dad, it’s happening at the one across the road. All good here’.”

It was 8.45am for Jessie, who is travelling in Australia, so she was beginning her day shift.

She was oblivious to the reason for the police presence until her dad gave a running commentary of what he knew from Twitter.

Chris said he was thankful he had been online at the moment it began so he could be there for her in the only way possible.

“I could have been totally oblivious to this for a very long time. It’s very worrying.

“It comes down to the luck of the dice. It could have been a different story if he had decided to turn a different direction.

“As much as I would like her to come back, it’s her life and she has to live it.”

Jessie’s cafe was put on lock down for four hours but they evacuated safely.

After 16 hours, commandos stormed the sieged cafe. Two hostages and an Islamist gunman were killed.