Dean of Chichester Cathedral decorates cake

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DECORATING a cake using only a spade can be a difficult and messy task, as the Dean of Chichester Cathedral has found out.

The Very Rev Nicholas Frayling ‘decorated’ a cake outside the cathedral to highlight the importance of Christian Aid’s work in giving poor communities the right resources and skills to lift themselves out of poverty. This was also held ahead of Christian Aid Week, which starts on Sunday.

Co-chairman of Chichester Christian Aid group, the Rev Derek Wales, and Christian Aid’s regional co-ordinator for Sussex, Kate Parr, also did some cake-decorating, using a hoe and a trowel.

The Dean said: “Christian Aid Week offers churches a great opportunity to put their faith into action. During the week, thousands of volunteers will be taking part in different activities and I would like to give my strong encouragement to all those involved. Together, we can make a huge difference.”

The Rev Derek Wales said: “As you can see, decorating a cake with a hoe was certainly a challenge.

“Christian Aid continues to open our eyes to the huge challenges faced daily by communities around the world. Like in Sierra Leone where poverty is denying people access to food and education.

“Through fundraising during Christian Aid Week here in Chichester, we are ensuring that Christian Aid partners in Sierra Leone and around the world can continue their inspiring work in equipping communities with the tools they need to help themselves out of poverty.”

During Christian Aid Week volunteers in Chichester and across Sussex will join together with more than 100,000 local fundraisers around the UK and Ireland as they hit the streets delivering Christian Aid Week envelopes.

Others will shake buckets, organise quizzes, bake cakes and take part in sponsored walks.