Defunct care home gives final gift

Former workers at The Cherries handed over a cheque to friends at The Snowdrop
Former workers at The Cherries handed over a cheque to friends at The Snowdrop

A RESPITE home for children with disabilities which was forced to close last year has donated the thousands it had raised to a fellow children’s charity.

The Sussex Snowdrop Trust has described the £47,455 it received from the now defunct Chihchester-based care home The Cherries as ‘an astonishing windfall’.

“Friends and families of children who had been cared for at The Cherries had been raising money to enhance the gardens and buy other pieces of equipment for the children and they were all devastated when the wonderful care home was closed,” said Diana Levantine, chairman and 
co-founder of Snowdrop.

The Cherries was a home for disabled children across the Observer area which offered parents a welcome break. Despite a battle from parents and staff to save it, the centre was closed following a review of services from NHS Sussex.

Volunteers unanimously choosing Snowdrop, the cheque was handed over on Thursday, October 13.

Diana said: “Over the years Snowdrop and The Cherries have been close friends and the staff are well-known to each other.

“It was a special reunion of staff and members and our charity received an astonishing cheque for £47,455.62.”

Diana said thank you to everyone who had raised money for The Cherries and promised it would be used on nursing care and direct support for Snowdrop children and their families. She added that donations had been down last year and this incredible gift was very welcome.”