Detailed plans for 1,300 homes at Tangmere will be revealed tonight

Tangmere residents are being urged to attend a public meeting tonight (Tuesday December 3) at 7.30pm when a development Master Plan will be unveiled which will add 1,300 homes to the village along with a host of community facilities.

Tuesday, 3rd December 2019, 12:26 pm
Residents want the peaceful setting of the church to be preserved

The major development will include a range of additions such as a primary school, sports space, a retail ‘high street’, and strong landscaping around key parts of the historic village.

The parish council, which led a forensic project to establish a robust Neighbourhood Plan, has had considerable success in shaping the final outcome.

At the council meeting in early November, residents from Cheshire Crescent who had door knocked their neighbours to collect their views on the plans to add a strip of 10-12 houses on the sensitive field adjacent to Grade I listed St Andrews Church and its historic war graves, were thanked for their hard work.

They were also first to hear that their efforts had been taken into account by Countryside Properties, as the developer has now said it will withdraw the plans for housing in the field, and confirmed that the field will only be proposed to be used as public open space.

This decision will be greeted with much relief in the village, as 87 per cent of residents said they wished to see the peaceful setting of St Andrews Church protected when asked during the village questionnaire in 2014.

Countryside Properties will now be holding a public meeting in the large hall tonight (Tuesday December 3) at 7.30pm to share with the council and local residents the full details of their Master Plan for the development at Tangmere.

This will be the first chance for residents to hear first-hand the full detail that, by then, will have been submitted to CDC for review.

The Council is hoping that the Master Plan reflects all the aspirations that were included in the Neighbourhood Plan that was approved in 2016 in a referendum of all residents of Tangmere.

The council also considered at their November meeting their wish list of infrastructure that they want to be funded by S106 and CIL funding over the next few years.

The funding for these projects will come from the developers rather than from local residents, but the council still wishes to have input from residents regarding exactly which project gets their support.

Some of these projects will be discussed at the December 3 public meeting, so residents are urged by the council to come along and share their thoughts.