Disposable barbecues could have caused Westhampnett fire

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FIREFIGHTERS said disposable barbecues could have been the cause of a fire at a recycling plant yesterday (June 9).

Firefighters were called at 6pm, with two engines there now controlling the flames.

The fire was at the Viridor transfer site, next to the Westhampnett depo.

A spokeswoman said an on-site digger was also being used to remove some of the burning refuse.

She said officers at the scene were describing it as a ‘deep-seated fire in the refuse’.

Ten firefighters from Chichester tackled a fire in a recycling plant in Westhampnett, using breathing apparatus, hosereels and main jets to tackle the blaze after it broke out shortly before 6pm.

Watch commander Carl Halewood said: “Had it not been for the quick thinking of onsite staff it could have been a lot worse”

“Following a sunny weekend recycling staff say they see a number of disposable BBQ’s discarded in the rubbish, although at this stage the cause of the fire is unknown West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service would like to remind people to dispose of their BBQ’s in a safe way only after they have been fully extinguished using copious amounts of water.”