Dispute over parking permit outside home


A MAN whose father is seriously ill has called for a relaxation of parking rules to allow vital medical visits.

Tom Davies has flown half way around the world from New Zealand to be with his seriously ill father – also called Tom.

However, he says a very difficult time for the family has been made harder because medical staff can’t park outside his father’s home.

Paramedics, doctors and health care workers need constant access to the Davies household, on Parklands Road, which is very difficult to negotiate due to parking restrictions.

Health care workers are met with the problem each time they visit the property – which can be up to six times a day.

Mr Davies has criticised Chichester District Council for what he says was an ‘utterly unemphatic response’.

Describing the situation as ‘just madness’, Mr Davies said: “We just want a sticker, a sign, marking, just dispensation so they can park outside the house.

“Doctors and nurses need access to their patients.”

Currently, health care workers park as close as they can to the house, however, this is often at the other end of the road – something Mr Davies says wastes valuable time.

He moves his car off the driveway when he knows there will be a visit.

However, he said this was not always possible or practical, especially in times of emergency.

Responding to the Observer’s request for a comment a spokeswoman for Chichester District Council said: “We sympathise with the gentleman and understand that this must be a very difficult time for both him and his family.

“When we met with the gentleman we explained that health care permits were available and that these could be arranged that day.

“Medical personnel are able to wait outside of the house for as long as necessary if they need to load or unload equipment.

“However, the gentleman’s main concern was access for visitors.

“Parking in the area is allocated to residents through permits and these are limited due to the amount of parking available.

“Due to the circumstances in this situation, we also offered to increase the amounts of permits available on this occasion.”