Doubt cast 
over new 785 home build plan


A MASTERPLAN for a 391 home development at Graylingwell Park has been adapted provide a restaurant, a care home and more parking.

The changes in the plan included; a removal of eight dwellings to make 785, a reduction in apartments, use of Graylingwell Farmhouse as a pub/restaurant, use of the chapel and Havenstoke Pavilion as a community space, some four-bed homes reduced to three-bed, increased parking, and a residential care home.

Plans for the remaining unbuilt parts of a development, which was given planning permission in 2009, have been changed after Chichester’s housing needs were altered by the economic downturn which took place around that time.

Planning officer Jeremy Bushell told Chichester District Council’s planning committee last Wednesday (November 12) that there has been a ‘significant shift in housing market needs’ and there is now a need for more smaller and medium sized units.

Chichester’s Conservation Area Advisory Committee (CCAAC) objected to the proposed houses on Summersdale Road, claiming they would harm the setting of South Lodge and the conservation area.

Residents objected for reasons including; Removal of the community hall, tree removal, reduction of allotments and orchard space, housing on Summersdale Road.

Some parts of the plan were left as ‘outline’ meaning details were left out until a later date.

The committee deferred the application because of a lack of information about a row of terraced houses.

Councillor Philippa Hardwick said: “I’m broadly in favour but I’m troubled by the western terrace.

“I’m nervous of giving an outline ‘yes’ in a very very sensitive area.”

Several councillors were confused by what looked like a ‘land-locked’ carpark behind the terrace accessible only through a tunnel under part of the building.

Cllr Tricia Tull said: “I do not understand this tunnel aspect. I’m at a loss to comment on part of this application.”

Dwellings included in the plan were: four at the ‘Western Gateway’ on Summersdale Road, 20 at the eastern ‘Mews with Views’, two at the ‘Arrival Avenue’, and 10 to 12 apartments in a two storey building on the west side of Chapel Green.

Planning officers recommended the committee permit.

Cllr John Ridd said: “We really don’t have the information to make a careful and balanced judgement all because it’s an outline but there should be a proper afternoon or morning devoted to going through this application so we can make a considered decisions.”

They agreed to defer their decision with a view for the developer to remove the Wooded Hamlet and Summerdale Road elements.