Downing Street appointment for former Chichester military policeman as new charity is launched

Former Chichester Royal Military Policeman Major Phil Packer has been at No 10 Downing Street to launch a £15m fundraising drive for his new charity.

Maj Packer has received international acclaim for his fundraising efforts for the armed forces since sustaining spinal injuries while on duty in Afghanistan in 2008.

Last week he was with the Prime Minister David Cameron to raise awareness of the British Inspiration Trust for young people, and to gain fundraising support from wealthy business people also at the meeting.

The British Inspirational Trust known as BRIT, aims to inspire young people between 16 and 25 facing adversity to make aspirational choices.

The reception at Downing Street was to launch the appeal for the £15m which will be used to build an eco-friendly Centre of Inspirational Excellence which will be the hub for all BRIT activities and built somewhere in the Chichester district.

With high-profile figures such as Richard Branson and Sir Rannulph Fiennes already mentors, BRIT is also calling on other inspirational people from every sector of society to spend time at the centre to share their gift and their ability to enthuse and inspire young people.

Maj Packer said: “The reception has given us a platform and a starting point to introduce the nation to what we are aspiring to achieve.

“My aspiration is for the centre to be located in West Sussex and I am receiving strong support and advice from the Lord Lieutenant, Lord and Lady March, the chairman of West Sussex County Council and many others from our community.

“To build a Centre of Inspirational Excellence that will be a legacy for future generations, we need a beautiful and inspiring location and we must ensure that we listen to and partner with advisors throughout West Sussex to create a centre that embraces the use of eco-friendly technology, combined with architecture and materials befitting for an inspirational West Sussex location.

“The centre’s vision is not to duplicate effort, but partner with the very best the county and city have to offer.

“I am humbled by the support I have received from our community over the past 12 years, both before and after my injuries; the kindness throughout West Sussex from the community and the numerous organisations I have met is quite extraordinary wherever I go.”

More information about BRIT can be found at