Drivers call for a solution to Chichester A27 potholes

Drivers have said '˜it is about time this was sorted' after claims that potholes along the A27 are '˜getting worse again'.

Wednesday, 31st May 2017, 3:46 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:28 pm
The A27 near Chichester

An Observer campaign was launched in 2015 to fix the ‘dangerous’ potholes, and despite work carried out by Highways England, the problem has returned.

Observer sports editor Steve Bone drives along the Emsworth to Chichester stretch of the A27 to get to and from work.

He said: “There are not nearly as many as there were before Highways England did the work in 2015 but they are appearing – and getting worse again.

“Westbound, there are bad holes just west of the Fishbourne roundabout, a terrible one a mile or so along, then more near the Emsworth turn-off. Some are so severe they make you want to swerve to avoid them, which clearly would be dangerous.

“Eastbound is not nearly as bad but there are areas, particularly in the middle of the two lanes, where holes are beginning to form again.

“Highways England needs to do a proper repair job on the whole stretch – not another patch-up.”

Many commuters agreed that despite the holes being shallow, the real issue is with drivers making ‘hasty moves’ to avoid the potholes.

Gordon Fishwick said: “The potholes are manageable if you drive the road regularly – they are especially bad between segments and lane one.

“However, more of a concern would be drivers for whom the road is unfamiliar.

“Swerving to avoid the holes is likely to pose a greater danger, especially if the driver believes they are deeper than they actually are.”

Kerry Hellyer said: “The potholes between Chichester and Havant are appalling, I drive that stretch of road every day as I commute from Portsmouth to Chichester, the wear and tear on my tyres cost me a fortune.

“We don’t have this problem in Portsmouth, it’s about time this was sorted. Is this not what we pay road tax for?”

Highways England has been asked by the Observer whether there are plans to fix the potholes on the A27, however, it had not responded in time for print.