A-LEVEL RESULTS: Chichester High Schools Sixth Form

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Students from the Chichester High Schools Sixth Form are jumping for joy after collecting their A-level results.

Gavin Salvesen-Sawh, Headteacher of Chichester High School for Boys said: “I am delighted to announce some excellent results from students in our joint sixth form.

“Congratulations to all students, but especially to the following who excelled and achieved fantastic grades: Wesley Adams (maths A* accounting A, physics A, further maths A), Laurence Esswood (chemistry A, maths A*, further maths A, physics A*), Tim Westwood (chemistry A*, maths A*, further maths A*, physics A*), Ben Hoddy (chemistry A, German B, physics A, maths A) Jon Manuel (chemistry A, maths A, further maths A, biology B), Sophie Ashe (art and design A*, maths A, geography A*), Amy Brown (Eng lit A, history A*, RE A, sociology A*), Emma Mulkern (art and design A*, drama A*, performing arts A), Lucy Sabin (Eng lit A*, RE A*, French A*), and Jo Wilson (drama A*, Eng lit A, RE A, history A).

Very special congratulations and commendations to Laurence Esswood, who has been accepted by Cambridge University and to Tim Westwood gaining 4 A* grades and being accepted by University of Bath.

41 per cent of students achieved A*-B grades at A-Level with 97 per cent achieving grades A*-E. While the student body must be congratulated for the their hard work, I would also like to pay tribute to the teaching staff at both high schools, who have worked tirelessly throughout the year, the parents for their support and to the heads of sixth form, Nick Brown and Jo McKeown.

Commendations to Year 13 boys whose results at A*-B were six per cent higher than last year. The good grades achieved this year has enabled Year 13 students to gain entry to their chosen universities and we are proud of their success.”