Chichester College adopts new driver software

CHICHESTER College is among some of the first groups to adopt new driver education software which is being made available for free thanks to two mothers from West Sussex.

The Drive IQ computer programme has been scientifically developed to help 16 to 18-year-olds learn to drive by improving skills such as eye scanning, emotional control and risk assessment, as well as hazard perception. It is also supported by workshops and guidance for parents, while students are also taught how to be a responsible passenger.

The college’s student experience manager Lisa Humphries said: “Drive IQ is a great initiative that has supported our students to develop skills that will keep them safe and last a them a lifetime.

It is fantastic to have something so well developed to support the work that other organisations, such as the emergency services, are doing.”

Free access to the scheme is provided by Sarah Rowley and Emma Gardner.

Their initiative, launched last May, seeks to protect young people on the road through increased knowledge and better education.

To gain free access to the Drive IQ software, see

Any teachers interested in the scheme can get more information by contacting Sarah Rowley by emailing