Chichester High School for Boys head teacher condemns resits

A HORRIFIED head teacher has spoken out about GCSE English resits, as pupils prepare to retake their June exam this month.

Gavin Salvesen-Sawh, head teacher at Chichester High School for Boys, said: “Like all schools, we are shocked and saddened about the recent issues surrounding English resits.

“The moving of the goalposts during the marking period led to a number of students not achieving their optimum grade in English.

“It is our belief that all of the papers should have been remarked.”

45,000 students are retaking the exam across the country, which is approximately one in 14 of those who sat it in June.

However Mr Salvesen-Sawh added the school’s students who were affected had now left.

He said: “Despite the secretary of state’s reassurance, we are unable to prepare students properly to resit this exam.

“A resit is not practical for students going on to other courses at different venues.

“Furthermore, we were horrified by Ofqual’s recent statement that it is the English teachers who are to blame. We find this to be scandalous as it is blatantly untrue.”

Following the national controversy, exam boards and Ofqual maintained they had acted properly.

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