Exciting new beginning for Selsey academy

It is an exciting time for Medmerry Primary School after it officially became an independent academy.

The new status means the Selsey school can decide its own curriculum, best suited for its pupils.

Parents to been invited have their say as part of a review of the school and its practices.

Headteacher George Bell said: “Medmerry is only the third primary school in West Sussex to convert as an independent academy.

“As an academy school, we will be able to provide a curriculum best suited to our pupils and buy in additional services, such as support for children with special educational needs, at a time when the local authority support services are shrinking because of significant cuts.

“In effect we will be more independent, directly responsible to the Department for Education rather than the local authority.

“This is an exciting time for Medmerry School.”

Children now sport a new uniform for the new academy and they celebrated the status by having a whole school picnic lunch. This was followed by celebratory cake and other fun events.

Medmerry was able to become an independent academy because it met the standards of being rated as a good school or above by Ofsted. School governors had to vote to support the academy plans. The school consulted with parents and staff before making its application.

Mr Bell added: “Most of the comments were supportive. There was a little anxiety about new conditions of service from staff. We haven’t made any changes and there are no significant plans to, as far as employment goes.”

A big review is now under way and is likely to take two terms – about six months – ‘to see what changes we can make’.

As part of the review the school is aiming to improve its community cohesion by building on the International School Award it received last year. It plans to further develop its links with schools in London and Spain.

The review is also looking at improving the quality of maths taught at the school, the ethos of staff and governors and also the amount of homework pupils get at Key Stage 2.

For more information log on to the school’s website on www.medmerry.w-sussex.sch.uk