Felpham Students’ time to shine in theatre

Students of Felpham Community College enjoying the theatre workshop
Students of Felpham Community College enjoying the theatre workshop

A team of 30 Year Seven students from Felpham Community College (FCC) has been given the chance to take part in Chichester Festival Theatre’s project, ‘Schools Fest’.

FCC is the only secondary school to have been selected for this unique initiative, which sees students participate in a total of four workshops, two of which link to a production at the theatre this winter.

Following completion of practical workshops at FCC, the students will have the opportunity to visit Chichester Festival Theatre and see the productions they have been researching and developing.

This year’s productions are ‘The Midnight Gang’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

Curriculum leader for drama Nicola Coney said: “The Year Sevens involved with this project have made a fantastic start; they have been really supportive of each other.

“Our students will be able to develop some key drama skills over the course of this initiative and going to the Theatre at the end will be a brilliant finish and experience for them.

“Thank you to Chichester Festival Theatre for involving FCC.”

Year Seven students Tabissa and Will said: “We are looking at devising, working with the Hansel and Gretel story. It has been good to work with other students who are not in our usual drama class and we are looking forward to the next workshop. It will be exciting to go to the theatre at the end of the project”.