GCSE RESULTS: Bourne Community College

PUPILS and staff at Bourne Community College were celebrating record GCSE results today (Thursday, August 22).

In total, a record 55 per cent of pupils achieved five or more A*-C grades, including English and maths – up 10 per cent on last year.

Smiles all round as Bourne Community College pupils celebrate their GCSE results

Smiles all round as Bourne Community College pupils celebrate their GCSE results

Sophie Wright was one of those celebrating today with eight A* grades, two As and one B.

“I am really pleased, I couldn’t believe how many I got, I don’t know how I did it really,” said Sophie, who is planning to go to Havant College next year to study English literature, French, fine art and graphics.

The English department achieved an A*-C pass rate of 84 per cent, with a record 20 per cent of students gaining one of the top A*-A grades.

Not to be outdone, the mathematics department once again broke its own record by supporting 68 per cent of students in gaining an A*-C grade, with more than 10 per cent gaining the top A*-A grades.

Rebecca Edwards said she was ‘really happy’ with her five A* grades, four As and one B.

“It was better than I expected,” she said.

Susmita Gurling achieved two A* and six A grades.

She is going to Havant to study maths and sciences and hopes to go on to be a doctor.

Twins Matthew and George Bacon were both celebrating their results today.

Matthew achieved five As, three Bs and one C, plus a BTEC in ICT.

“I am happy with what I got,” he said. “I did a retake on the maths because I got a B last time and I really wanted an A so it is good to have that.”

George got two A* grades, six As and one C, saying he was happy with his results overall.

Robin Scales achieved three A* grades and six A grades.

“I was really happy with my music grade because I didn’t think I had done that well in it,” she said.

Lucy Pratt, who got seven A* grades and four A grades, said she was ‘shocked’ by the results.

“I am quite surprised about where I got my A*s, I wasn’t expecting to get them where I did,” she said.

Bradley Talbot got two A* grades, five As and three Bs.

“I can’t believe I got an A* in French, I just can’t believe it,” he said.

Other individual successes include Brendan Wood (eight A* or A grades), Ciara Hitchcock (eight A*or A grades) and Ivan Whitehurst-Reed (eight A*or A grades).

Congratulating all the pupils on their success head teacher Simon Liley said: “We have once again had record results, all the staff have done a fantastic job and the kids have worked really hard.

“It is the best day of the school year.”

Department results included:

Biology (100 per cent A*-C, 41 percent A*-A), chemistry (100 per cent A*-C, 52 per cent A*-A), Physics (100p er cent A*-C, 45 per cent A*-A), Statistics (100 per cent A*-C, 45 per cent A*-A), Spanish (100 per cent A*-C), Performing Arts (75 per cent A*-C), Religious Studies (71 per cent A*-C), PE (69 per cent A*-C), Music (64 per cent A*-C), French (63 per cent A*-C), and Art (62 per cent A*-C).