Kids take over for the day in Chichester

Headteacher Margaret Eva was shadowed
Headteacher Margaret Eva was shadowed

PUPILS were in charge of the teachers when Bourne Community College held a takeover day.

A group of 25 students were selected to shadow teachers for one day last month.

Headteacher Margaret Eva had Year 9 pupil Bethany Scott with her; together they attended the graduation ceremony at the University of Chichester and met its vice chancellor, Professor Clive Behagg.

Back at school she had meetings with Bourne’s business manager, the chairman of governors and one of the assistant headteachers.

At the end Bethany said: “I never knew the headteacher was so busy and dealt with so many people in one day – it’s certainly opened my eyes.”

Students also worked in maths, English, humanities, languages, PE, performing arts, personal development, product design, ICT and in the library as well as alongside administrative staff and senior management.

Year 10 pupil Zoe Hurd said: “The most rewarding part of the day in the music department was to be able to teach another student how to play a tune on the keyboard. It was a challenging experience overall and I now have an insight into the pressure and stress faced by teachers.”

Fellow Year 10 pupil Matthew Bacon said: “This was rewarding and challenging. I discovered the amount of preparation needed for every lesson. I found it incredibly rewarding to work with students in ICT.”

Bourne’s Student Voice coodinator Phil Harper said: “School days are not just about preparing for the future, they are places of deep learning. Our Takeover Day enabled staff and students to learn that working in a school can be tough, rewarding and rarely dull.”

The scheme was created by the Children’s Commissioner and facilitated by the county council.