Prebendal pupils at Hampton Court Palace

Prebendal pupils with Henry VIII at Hampton Court
Prebendal pupils with Henry VIII at Hampton Court

HENRY VIII met Year-5 pupils on a visit to Hampton Court.

The Tudor king welcomed children from The Prebendal School to his royal palace on a sunny day out.

Henry himself was tutored by two of the school’s former head masters.

Current pupils are taught Latin by headmaster Tim Cannell while Henry was taught by former head teachers – John Holt in 1502 and William Hone in 1504.

William also tutored Henry’s sister, Mary, for whom the Mary Rose ship was named.

During their visit, the children travelled back in time by dressing up for the Tudor Court.

This included stepping into the shoes of Henry VIII’s sixth and final wife, Katharine Parr, with a perfect replica of her dress.

History and religious studies teacher at The Prebendal School, Tom Bromfield, said: “Hampton Court is the most fabulous place to take children to really understand the Tudor Court.

“It isn’t just a palace because it is interactive and really hands-on.

“They all had a fantastic time.”