Westbourne pupil scores top marks for attendance

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Young Gemma Walker left Westbourne Primary School without ever having missed a day in class.

Gemma, 11, put her 100 per cent attendance down to lots of exercise and sports such as swimming, hockey, netball and cross-country dance and cricket.

She also said that eating a lot of vegetables was key and that after all that sport sleeping a lot also helped keep her in tip-top condition although she does like pasta, sausages and some sweets.

Headteacher Neil O’Boyle said he was very impressed with her record.

“I have been a headteacher since the early 1990s and I have never known anything like this. She also has a sister who has not missed any days so far.”

Gemma was presented with a certificate to mark her Grade A attendance.

And to top it all off she achieved Levels 5s in her SATs for reading, writing and mathematics.

She scored 47 out of 50 marks for reading which was the highest in the school.