Emsworth campaign is backed by famous face

Roz Savage ENGPPP00120120515123528
Roz Savage ENGPPP00120120515123528

OCEAN-ROWER Roz Savage has agreed to help spearhead the campaign to get the shore protection work completed along the southern boundary of Nore Barn Woods near Emsworth.

The Friends of Nore Barn Woods will be running a Grand Cream Tea on Sunday, June 22, on the shore of the woods to highlight the problems there and to raise funds for the project.

The aim is to strengthen the shore to protect the oaks along the waterside path that runs from Emsworth to Langstone.

The coastline has suffered in the recent winter storms and the group wants to put in place a long-lasting, block-covered bank to match those nearby which have withstood the ravages of high spring tides and inclement weather.

The group has to raise £46,000, but already has £34,000 in the bank and awaits the result of grant applications in the next few weeks.

Roz, who is a keen environmentalist, shot to fame in 2006 when she rowed single-handed across the Atlantic.

Since then she has conquered the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Roz has connections with Emsworth. Not only has she lived there, but some work was completed on one of her vessels by an Emsworth boatyard.

She will be meeting members of the Friends of Nore Barn Woods to talk about the project to complete the shore protection work there.

She is also lending her support to the Grand Cream Tea to be held in the woods on Sunday, June 22, from 1pm-5pm.

The event is free and all are welcome. The Friends of Nore Barn Wood hope the event will mark the culmination of fundraising for the shore protection so that the work can be carried out before next winter.