Emsworth’s host of golden daffodils

Hermitage residents helping Emsworth to look its best SUS-141011-170927001
Hermitage residents helping Emsworth to look its best SUS-141011-170927001

IN his iconic poem, William Wordsworth wrote of a ‘host of golden daffodils beside the lake, beneath the trees, and fluttering and dancing in the breeze’.

Now visitors to Emsworth can enjoy their own floral displays.

Daffodils will be appearing in the spring beside the millpond, under the trees and dancing along the main road.

Christine Pilkington-Miksa spearheaded a project to ensure spring in Emsworth is ‘sunny and uplifting’ for all.

“Hermitage needed something special, the grass verges looked bland, but now residents and visitors can enjoy the daffodils, uplifting the spirits as they journey by,” she said.

She has rallied a team of residents to plant flowers through the town, so the journey along the A259 should be slightly more interesting. They have also cleared rubbish and planted poppies in time for next year’s Remembrance Sunday. She said: “Groups of volunteers have helped, including Carl Gold, Janice Creighton, Frank Raine, Sally Church, Geoff Hancock, Pam Phillips, Caleb Kemp and his family and Joe, Olivia, Elisha and Malachi Warrens – all Hermitage residents.

“They have all given so much care and love to the project.

“A thank-you must go to Sandra James, of West Sussex County Council, for her support in making this project possible. This is also a welcome into West Sussex, the first town people see, and a welcome into Emsworth.

“Neighbours helped kick-start this project, including Angela from The Mill Pond bed and breakfast, resident Ian Baker and The Sussex Brewery.

“I went door-to-door asking for a small donation and volunteers, and I approached some businesses and they were very supportive.

“I am more than happy to help others who would like to begin similar projects.”

Planting has taken place along Lumley Road, Slipper Road and Queen Street. This Saturday (November 22) at 10am planters will be at Bramley Gardens and welcome any volunteers.