Emsworth school pupil eats 600 baked beans using a cocktail stick

Jack Brew during his bean challenge
Jack Brew during his bean challenge

ELEVEN-year-old Jack Brew has always eaten baked beans, but after painstakingly chomping his way through 600 using just a cocktail stick in a charity challenge, he never wants to eat one again.

The Bourne Community College student challenged himself to eat as many as he could in 30 minutes, but he had to stop seven minutes short of the end after beginning to feel sick – not surprising considering he stowed away three platefuls.

Despite that, he still raised £136 for Cancer Research UK, with many people sponsoring him 1p per bean.

“I did five minutes’ practice the previous day and that was all,” he said.

“I was pretty confident, I ate 154 in five minutes.

“I was going to put baked beans in my welly boots and walk around, but I thought my dad’s idea was better and more fun.”

Mum Ruth Brew, of Kelsey Avenue, Southbourne, said: “I never thought he would get through 600.

“He started off quite fast, but by the end it was really slow.

“He said afterwards ‘I never want to eat another bean in my life’.

“I had to get a bucket because I thought he was going to be sick.”

A video of the final few minutes of Jack’s challenge is available here.

There is also a link on the video page to his donation page.