ENTERTAINMENT: His Lordship puts on a cheeky show for the ladies as the boys come to town

Careful, ladies. Those pants you might be trying to rip off might just be his Lordship's.

Not that Lord Robert Jonathan Walters would mind that much. It's all part of the show, as you'll find out when Here Come The Boys! comes to Worthing's Assembly Hall on Thursday, June 18 at 7.30pm.

Rob genuinely is a bona fide lord – Lord of the Manor of Fullwood, to be precise, a title he inherited through his uncle. But it's not a title he has used very much – until now.

"I never mentioned it before for work reasons or with girlfriends. I wanted to make it in a sense on my own. In terms of modelling I have done five front covers of magazines and I have done underwear campaigns. And that was just me.

"But now the girls in the show are saying they want me to use the title. It's my unique selling point.

I had never really looked at it like that before.

"My parents are very socialist-minded. They didn't want to raise me with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was brought up to a very normal lifestyle. I wasn't spoilt. But I had some of the perks of growing up.

My father had his own plane and an estate in Spain. I had a very comfortable up-bringing, but I was never a spoilt child.

"And being in this show, the guys saw very early on I was just one of the boys. I am who I am, and whatever title you put in front of someone's name doesn't change who they are at all. I don't believe it has changed me a single bit."

As for the show itself, it's very much in the Chippendales tradition. In fact, it features some original cast members from the Chippendales shows, all with the promise of 'fulfilling just about every female fantasy, tantalising and entertaining women'.

Their 'disarmingly sexy routines (are) designed exclusively for ladies' – though Rob stresses his grandparents came along and thoroughly enjoyed the show, which blends live music, hot dance moves and muscle, all choreographed by Cris Judd (choreographer to Jennifer Lopez and lead dancer for Michael Jackson during his History Tour).

"We go down to our underwear. But at all points everything is covered. There is no full-on nudity but in a lot of the numbers we are in our underwear.

"It's not a strip show. It's a spectacle. It's suggestive, but in a cheeky way, not a sleazy way."

Tickets on 01903 206206.

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