And another egg makes four for peregrines...

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CHICHESTER’S peregrine pair have laid a fourth egg in their nest at the top of Chichester Cathedral.

The female laid the egg at about 8pm on Monday, April 1 - and the RSPB’s nestcam was there to capture it.

Footage of the event has already been shared more than 30 times on social networking site Facebook.

And many viewers were visibly moved by the chance to witness the egg’s arrival, with one commenting: “So glad the camera was working and feel privileged to have been able to see that.”

You can see a video of the laying of the fourth egg here.

After 13 years, the city’s famous peregrine falcons have shown Chichester is still the perfect home for their family.

From now until July, people will be able to see the chicks grow up thanks to a special nest cam being run by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

Check out the pair - and their clutch of eggs - here.

You can also follow the peregrines’ progress on Facebook and on Twitter.