Bid for Chichester Harbour byelaw

A CONSULTATION on a new byelaw to protect an ‘internationally-important habitat’ has been launched.

The Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) is consulting on plans to limit certain types of fishing in specified areas of Chichester Harbour.

The byelaw would stop the use of towed fishing gears, digging, collection and hand gathering of marine fisheries resources in a bid to protect seagrass beds.

The Sussex IFCA hopes this would, in turn, help prevent damage or deterioration to the Solent European Marine Site.

The ban would cover an area of 0.85sqkm, around two per cent of the harbour.

In a statement on the byelaw, the Sussex IFCA said: “Seagrass beds in Chichester Harbour have been identified as a sensitive, high-risk feature and incompatible with certain fishing activities.”

For full details of the byelaw and information on how to comment visit

Alternatively, call 01273 454407 for information on how to get copies of the documents. The consultation closes on Thursday, September 26.