Planning appeal for recycling site at Boxgrove quarry begins

THE planning appeal to create a recycling facility at Boxgrove Quarry started last week.

Inert Recycling (UK) Ltd had their initial application, which also includes a restoration of the site, refused by West Sussex County Council last autumn.

Last week’s appeal ran until Friday, and started at 10am on Tuesday in Boxgrove Village Hall.

The appeal is being heard by planning inspector Mike Robins.

The original application was voted down by West Sussex County Council’s planning committee, because they agreed with planning officers that the proposal would have an unacceptable impact on the landscape and environment, and there was no demonstrable need for the development.

Boxgrove Parish Council also object to the proposed facility, and produced a statement of objections for the appeal to consider.

The initial proceedings of the appeal on Tuesday were due to deal with the potential highways issue of additional traffic going to and from the site along the A285.

In their statement of objection, Boxgrove Parish Council write that the A285 is not a local lorry route as published by the county council.

The appeal was well attended by members of the public.

Representing Inert Recycling, Chris Boyle said: “It is an issue of need and benefit.

“The matter comes down to whether or not the harms alleged outweigh the benefits of the reuse of the land.”

Matters which he highlighted to be considered included the effect of the proposal on the character of the surroundings, the ecology of the area, and the highways safety of the surrounding road network.

As part of the appeal, Mr Robins is also due to make a visit to the quarry to see it first hand.

The site is a kilometre away from the border of the South Downs National Park.

Further details of the appeal will be published in Thursday’s paper.