Priory Park master plan wins city support

UNANIMOUS support for the new master plan proposed for Chichester’s historic Priory Park has been pledged by the city council.

The plan was prepared by the Chichester Conservation Area Advisory Committee (CCAAC) and proposals include a remodelled cafe building, new toilets and the relocation of the playground.

It is currently under consideration by Chichester District Council, which is responsible for the park.

The park needs various improvements to prevent its decline.

Cllr Michael Woolley, chairman of the city planning and conservation committee, which recommended support, said there was a long history of a very unsatisfactory master plan for the park.

He said the new plan was arousing a lot of support in the city, and it would be nice if the city council gave its approval.

City mayor Cllr Tony French said the new master plan was ‘extremely good,’ and Cllr Tony Dignum said it was in line with the character of the park, which was semi-rural.

Cllr Dignum said replacement and refurbishment was proposed, not acres of concrete and acres of pretty municipal landscaping.