VIDEO: Cygnets start hatching in Emsworth

A PRECARIOUSLY-situated swan’s nest has drawn a lot of interest in Emsworth in recent days.

Townsfolk have been keeping an eye on Joan, a swan who has set up a nest on a piece of land in the Mill Pond, which became visible at low tide.

The Emsworth Mill Pond

The Emsworth Mill Pond

She has made her nest on a part of the pond usually submerged and it is now being kept artificially low to accommodate her.

“It’s a new pairing between an older male swan, Charlie, and a younger female, Joan, who decided to reclaim a disused coot’s nest that became visible at a particularly low tide,” said Sue Slight, one of the many people who has been watching out for the swan.

“It’s not in the best position because now it means the pond has to be kept artificially low and it is subject to flooding if we get heavy rain.”

Residents urged people not to feed bread to the swans, as it swells up in their stomachs. The best food option is chicken grain or corn.

Brown bread if broken up into little pieces is acceptable, however white bread is to be avoided.

Joan has lined her nest with polythene which could have protect the eggs if the water had risen up.

The eggs started hatching on Wednesday (June 5) and the first cygnet was videoed outside the nest on Thursday (June 6).