VOTE: Are new housing plans in danger of creating an urban sprawl?

VILLAGERS fear they could become part of an urban sprawl east of Chichester.

A meeting on Thursday saw Westhampnett residents claim their proposed neighbourhood plan is in danger of being overwhelmed by plans to build at least 500 homes in the area.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that if anything like this was going to happen it would be the end of Westhampnett as a community,” said Henry Adams, chairman of Westhampnett Parish Council.

“So all the things we’re working for, such as the community hall etc, will be over. We will be a sprawling suburb of Chichester.”

The parish council has attended meetings with Chichester District Council and the Commercial Estates Group, which speculated on building houses in the area.

Currently, plans are in their very early stages, with numbers and exact details yet to be confirmed.

However, Mr Adams urged those present to make their feelings clear to the district council.

This view was supported by Jean Hardstaff, parish councillor and chairman of the council’s planning committee.

“The more people that realise we’re not going along with it the better,” she said.

As of Sunday, the newly-formed action group was ratified by the parish council.

Bill Harding is heading the group, and said: “We are going to form a think tank to put together a statement of opposition to the destruction of Westhampnett.”

More than 100 people attended the meeting, held in the March School, in Claypit Lane, Westhampnett.

Also present was Mike Hall of West Sussex County Council, who advised those present to complete work on their neighbourhood plan as soon as possible before the district council’s development plan becomes advanced.


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