VOTE: Should more be done to tackle flytipping?

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THE body of a small horse or donkey was dumped along with a pile of rubbish on a country lane.

Bruce Harris contacted the Observer after spotting the heap of debris between Rowlands Castle and Westbourne.

“What kind of person would dump a dead horse amongst a load of rubbish, including a bundle of flyers from a kebab house?” he said.

Immediately in front of the rubbish was a sign put up by Country Watch with the message ‘You are being watched’.

“I photographed the sign on the gate as well and feel that all these do is litter the countryside like political posters,” said Mr Harris.

“They are not a deterrent for these animals who purposely and without remorse dump rubbish.

“I personally couldn’t throw a chocolate wrapper from my car, let alone cause this sort of mess for others to look at.”

Mr Harris said the rubbish was clearly visible from the main road, which is just inside the West Sussex border. He reported it to both Chichester District Council and police.

Working in the building trade himself, Mr Harris believes the cost of disposing of rubbish legally is leading to more flytipping.

“I would never flytip but the government is making it so difficult to get rid of rubbish,” he said.

“Even dead animals will cost a couple of hundred pounds to get rid of. If you haven’t got that, this is what you are going to do.”

Speaking about waste facilities, he said: “I’m not saying the council should allow dead animals but they should make life easier for those wishing to dispose of rubbish legitimately.”

A Chichester District Council spokeswoman said: “We were alerted to this flytipping by a member of the public. We are really disappointed someone would have deliberately dumped a dead animal as well as all the other material. We will try to find out who was responsible for this flytipping.

“We are trying to identify the ownership of the land and are making arrangements for it to be cleared as soon as possible. Thankfully flytipping of this sort is quite rare.”

Anyone who has information about flytipping can call 01243 534598 or email Information is also available at


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