Water meter installed at Petworth House

The National Trust is leading the way for water conservation after inviting Southern Water to install meters at historic Petworth House.

Southern Water is installing water meters for the majority of its customers in Sussex, Hampshire and Kent between now and 2015 as part of its long-term strategy to manage water resources and protect the environment.

More than 1,500 households in Petworth are due to have water meters installed this year, as the programme rolls out across Sussex.

Conservationists from the National Trust, which owns Petworth Estate, invited Southern Water to install 21 water meters ahead of the main programme, to measure the water used in the main house, grounds and surrounding properties. On a water meter, household bills are based on the amount of water they use and research shows households on a water meter tend to use about 10 per cent less water .

Deanna Fernance, water manager at the National Trust, said: “This work to install meters with Southern Water is very important to us. The old adage is true – if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it! We are working hard to reduce our water use across all our properties and installing meters is a key measure.”

Petworth Estate also has its own underground reservoir with a water main into the courtyard, which is available in case of fire.

Darren Bentham, director of metering at Southern Water, said: “We were delighted to support the National Trust with its environmental work to conserve water on the estate and install water meters at such a historic location. “Between now and 2015, we are installing more than 500,000 water meters across the south east as part of our 25-year plan to manage water resources for our customers, alongside tackling leakage and developing new resources.

“Our metering programme will help both us and our customers to save water, save energy and save money and help protect our heritage and environment for future generations.”

When the metering programme reaches Petworth customers will receive an information pack about their new meter, metered charges and advice on saving water, saving energy and saving money.

To find out more information, please pay a visit to www.southernwater.co.uk/metering