Exciting conference for young people at county hall

AN EXCITING and innovative conference to encourage young people to debate and discuss transport issues is taking place at County Hall in Chichester on Saturday, March 3.

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and the Young People’s Travel Forum are hosting the event.

It is aimed at bringing young people, transport professionals and decision-makers together to debate and discuss travel aspirations and other key transport issues, and to help identify potential solutions. It is collaborative inquiry and deliberative democracy at work.

There will be an information exchange during the lunch break.

The event will also be attended by democratically-elected representatives including the WSCC cabinet minister for transport, a councillor for Horsham District Council and representatives from other district/borough councils.

There will be various talks and presentations throughout the day by transport organisations such as Metrobus, Stagecoach, Southern Railway and Sustrans as well as county council officers.

The event lasts from 9.30am-4pm. If you are interested in taking part, please contact the county council.