Experience a different kind of coffee in Chichester

Artisan Cafe.14LAJul22 b-2 PPP-140722-172551006
Artisan Cafe.14LAJul22 b-2 PPP-140722-172551006

THE ARTISAN cafe has brought a bit of charm to Chichester’s South Street, after it opened its doors in the city.

The cafe opened in the past few months, and owners Christine Dall and Peter Jordan want it to be slightly different from your average coffee shop.

The design of the shop is the first striking thing about the new cafe.

“We stripped it right back,” said Peter.

“It has a feel of rural Sussex. It was an old grain store, apparently. We wanted to retain some of that.

“We have the iron work. It is rural Sussex meets classic interior design.”

With the old beams and walls of the building and more modern designs inside, it is quite quirky.

And it’s not just the design, even the coffee has its own unique design.

“What we have here is individuality,” said Peter.

“You might have our coffee, today it tastes one way, another day it is not exactly the same.

“The company we use, they wood-roast their beans. It gives it a lovely flavour.

“We’ve also got our own blend called number ten.

“We had ten different blends before we found the one we liked.”

The shop also sells a range of fruit teas and cordials, alongside its unusual menu.

“We want the customers to get the best experience,” said Peter. “That encapsulates everything about what we’re trying to do here.

“We treat it as though it is something special. We’re giving people a bit of an experience.”

On why he opened the cafe, and why he thinks it is going to work, he said: “I used to work in Waterstones. The high street is changing. Lots of places are closed down.

“We have to accept that everything is changing and say we’re going to have to move in a different way.

“But you can’t get a cup of coffee on the internet.

“There’s lots of business people coming in. If you can give them a good environment , a good product and wi-fi, that’s it.”

He said customer service was also very important to the business.

“I need staff to be right up to speed on what’s going on in Chichester,” he said. “We are like an outpost of tourist information. That way people know the staff have a passion for the community, have to invest in the community.”

Visit Artisan Cafe at 33 Southgate, Chichester.