Extra cash to protect Manhood Peninsula from the sea

Halting the tide at nearby Pagham
Halting the tide at nearby Pagham

THOUSANDS of extra pounds are set to be pumped into stopping coastal flooding on the Manhood Peninsula.

Chichester District Council’s cabinet is due to discuss spending a £250,000 grant in January to keep the tidal floods at bay.

The cash boost from the Environment Agency is a top up to the annual £200,000 the council already spends on its beach management plan.

“Over the next 20 years there are 429 properties at flood risk and 78 properties at erosion risk along the combined Selsey and Bracklesham/East Wittering frontages,” said a council report to come before cabinet on Tuesday.

“In 100 years, there will be at least 2,239 properties at flood risk and 1,019 properties are likely to have been lost to erosion along the Selsey and Bracklesham/East Wittering frontages if the existing defences are not maintained.”

The council is proposing to spent its additional £250,000 on two schemes. The first would increase the volume of sand and gravel replacement at West Wittering at a cost of £150,000.

The remaining £100,000 would be spent on Solent Way, in Selsey, by replacing a failing wall made of wire baskets filled with stone.

The additional cash is not in the council’s budget and so requires a decision from the full council.

However, because the money must be spent by March 31, as a condition of the grant, cabinet has been given the go-ahead by the overview and scrutiny committee to make the decision on Tuesday.