Family's misery as grave floods

A grieving son baled water from his father's unfilled grave at the Hampers Green cemetery at Petworth.

Christopher Humphry was distraught when he saw the condition of the grave on Sunday, three days after the burial of former actor and Petworth parish councillor John Humphry.

Mr Humphry (42) said: "I cannot tell you what it was like. There was two feet of water in the grave. Dad was 6ft down and some of the soil had been put in but the rest of it was just lying at the side. There was 4ft of earth and 2ft of water.

"I baled the water out and tried to fill the grave in but the soil is clay and it was too heavy. We were going to go back with a shovel and try to fill it.

"My dad wasn't just anybody and I cannot believe his grave was left like that."

Mr Humphry had gone to the cemetery with his wife Lynnette after they cooked lunch for his mother, the retired actress Marion Mathie.

Full report in the March 8 issue of the Midhurst & Petworth Observer